Bizim Securities

Bizim Securities

Providing brokerage and consulting services in capital markets, Bizim Securities continues to lead the way in its industry with years of expertise and capital structure.
Bizim Securities

Bizim Securities has been active since 2003, providing consultancy and brokerage services in capital markets and effectively managing assets. The company leads the industry thanks to the strong capital structure of Erciyes Anadolu Holding. With the goal of supporting the penetration of capital to the base and the formation of an effective capital market through sustainable customer satisfaction, Bizim Securities provides brokerage and corporate finance services in the domestic and foreign markets.

Bizim Securities provides investors with fast, safe and effective trading opportunities in domestic markets, while communicating the developments in stock, futures, fixed income securities and money markets to its customers in a correct, impartial and fast manner, along with providing brokerage services.

The Corporate Finance Department of the company offers its customers primary and secondary public offering, mergers and acquisitions, project finance and company structuring services.

With the goal of spreading capital to the base and the formation of an effective capital market with sustainable customer satisfaction, Bizim Securities leads the sector in the development and presentation of an index consisting of feasible shares that conform to the principles of participation banking.

Staying true to the "Each customer is special" approach in the finance sector, Bizim Securities has made it a primary goal to identify customers’ needs with a "solution-oriented service" and "sustainable customer satisfaction" approach and to respond with the very best services to meet those needs.

Effective since November 13, 2015, our company holds a broad authorized intermediary institution authorization certificate, dated December 8, 2015/number G-020 (333), whereby our company’s reason for being is to engage in brokerage activities in securities and non-securities negotiable instruments, as well as documents representing financial values or containing the financial obligations of the issuer.

Providing services in brokerage, fund management, research services, investment consulting and corporate finance in domestic and international markets, Bizim Securities is moving towards becoming an ever-growing company that contributes to capital markets in Turkey and the region, produces added value to its customers and stakeholders with the strength offered by Erciyes Anadolu Holding's strong capital structure.

In line with its vision for pioneering the industry’s firsts, Bizim Securities has instituted operations that prioritize the principles of justice, responsibility, transparency and accountability. Our company leads the industry in the production, development and presentation of an index consisting of shares that comply with the principles of participation banking.

The "Participation 50 - Participation 30 and Participation Model Portfolio Indexes", which are sponsored by Bizim Securities’ Participation Banks, have been compiled by Borsa Istanbul and shared with the public since 2011. Bizim Securities updates the indexes at the end of every 3-month financial period by determining the stocks that will be included in the indexes based on industry-determined criteria, whereby actively contributing to an effective investment process with up to date reports made available to companies offering financial consulting services.

According to the Capital Market Law, Participating Banks are not authorized to trade directly in the capital markets. In this context, Albaraka Turk Participation Bank Co. branches act as Bizim Securities’ agents to provide services in the capital markets. Our company’s research department creates added value for the industry with regular reporting services including Daily, Mid-Day, Company Profits, REIT Discount Table, Dividend Yield Table, Market Calendar, Stock Market Istanbul Companies Valuation and Financial Rating Data Banks, Foreign Investors Portfolio Movements and Weekly Bulletins, as well as company and industry reports and Quarterly Strategy reports. All Bizim Securities customers are informed about money and capital markets developments through these reports.

Bizim Securities provides services to solution partnerships geared towards Private Pension companies, as well as to corporate customers aiming to work conventionally in its customer portfolio. In the field of mobile applications, which has recently attained a coveted place in the financial sector, Bizim Securities has had a say with the BMD mobile application. Developed for use on Iphone, Ipad and Android devices, the BMD mobile app offers customers the opportunity to track financial data, watch the news and make transactions. The BMD mobile app is available for download via the Apple App Store and Google Play. Thanks to this platform, all shares and indexes you want to monitor are easily added to the personal page. Alongside this free platform, customers can buy and sell quickly and safely, and track the Istanbul Stock Exchange, World Stock Market Indexes, Exchange Rates, Free Market And Central Bank rates.

Our company continues to provide service to customers in the fields of public offering, paid capital increase, merger and division studies, valuation studies and acquisitions. Bizim Menkul Değerler aims to be amongst the top 10 brokerage firms in trading volume in the coming period.