RHG Enertürk Energy

RHG Enertürk Energy

Founded in 2010 and gained an important position in the energy sector with the investments made since then, RHG Enertürk Energy Group continues its successful operations with effective price management.


RHG Enertürk Enerji, one of the few groups producing renewable energy sources in Turkey, has succeeded in producing energy that will meet the electricity needs of 175 thousand people in 2021. It operates aiming for a better future by delivering energy from nature to the service of people. With its existing 13 licensed generation plants that introduce consumers to the comfort of clean energy, it continues its investments in 4 cities: İstanbul, İzmir, Van, and Antalya. In the 2021 YEKA GES tenders, RHG Enertürk, which plans to invest in a new Solar Power Plant with 105 MW in the provinces of Antalya, Van, and Muş, has been able to gain a voice in the industry with a qualified staff of experts.

Launched in 2010, our company was selected for a 49-year operating contract from the Republic of Türkiye Prime Ministry Privatization Administration, and began diversifying its product line, preferring to diversify renewable energy sources on a journey of power generation through group 14 hydropower plants.

Currently; RHG Enertürk Enerji, continuing its investments through acquisitions and mergers, has a total portfolio of 498.15 MW consisting of 199.75 MW of hydropower plants, 230 MW of wind power plants, and 68.40 MW of solar power plants.

With the addition of the 105 MW GES, 30 MW RES Project capacity gained in the YEKA GES tenders, our total capacity will be 633.15 MW.

Based on the fact that carbon-based energy sources such as natural gas and coal used in electricity generation are gradually depleted, our energy companies are focused on generating electricity from renewable energy sources and face less risk than their current generation counterparts in the energy sector. Our group has also reinforced its strong standing in the industry, minimizing its risks by increasing diversity (HEPP, WPP, SPP) in renewable energy sources.

It makes all of its sales to the electricity market and 448 MW of its portfolio benefits from YEKDEM (Renewable Energy Support Scheme). Believing in the power of its equity, our group has also included an assessment of appropriate borrowing for investments to consolidate the leadership position in the industry and increase its competitiveness.

Our group, which is an energy importer, does not have sales concerns because of the increased need for electricity per capita in Turkey, is moving with confidence to realize its 2021 targets, and is moving quickly towards its 2023 targets. As regards the estimated annual electricity consumption of 4 MWh per person in 2021, our electricity group accounted for 702,417 MWh to 175,417 people per capita in 2021. With their new investment in the field, our group has proven once again to be one of the quarterbacks for the country's development through projects that are intended to lead the most important suppliers in the energy sector, in quality, reliable, cheap electric power.

From each stage of investment to the business process, our company undertakes environmentally friendly, high-efficiency projects and helps to reduce our country's total carbon emissions. Our energy group contributes environmentally equivalent to the impact of millions of trees through its activities to minimize dependence on oil derivatives, fossil fuels, and nuclear plants.

Our group's goal in 2022 is to reach 1,311,000 MWh of generation. It also qualified for the 105MW SPP project in Renewable Energy Resource Area (YEKA) SPP tenders, under a strategy to expand the product range by diversifying its renewable energy sources. We continue to support the development of Turkey with 13 licenses for the generation of electricity from the Energy Market Regulatory Authority of the Republic of Türkiye, including our subsidiaries, and the rights acquisition of the 6 YEKA Project.


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