Form Sünger

Form Sünger

Form Sünger manufactures products used in a wide array of fields from furniture to home textiles, automotive to insulation, and comes to the forefront as a brand meeting needs and delivering comfort.
Form Sünger

Being Erciyes Anadolu Holding's investment in the field of chemicals, Form Sünger ranks 318st amongst Turkey's top 500 industrial companies with a total foam production of 1.5 million m³ and enjoys a strong position in the industry. Turkey’s largest polyurethane foam manufacturer was established in Kayseri in 2002 as Form Sünger and Mattress Industry Trade Co. As Erciyes Anadolu Holding’s sole chemicals investment, Form Sünger continues to operate with two separate production facilities, one in Kayseri and the other in Incesu, with a total number of 522 expert staff. The company prioritizes environment and human health, and is attentive to gaining legal protection for its products through product patenting.

60% of polyurethane foam manufactured by Form Sünger is delivered directly to manufacturers of a diverse array of products ranging from furniture to automotive, home textiles to insulation throughout Turkey thanks to a wide dealer network. The remaining 40% of flexible polyurethane foam manufactured by Form Sünger of various density, size and physical properties, in conformity to international standards, made with the latest technologies, meets the production needs of Erciyes Anadolu Holding companies.

Form Sünger enjoys a rich product range and believes in the power of R&D and innovation in the production process. By prioritizing customer demands in product development we have raised the market’s expectations as well. And continuous R&D has helped us to successfully increase productivity. Along with the testing we carry out at our own laboratories, Form Sünger also has its products quality tested at university laboratories. Constantly supporting ideas open to change and development, our company consolidates its production power by integrating new developments in polymer science and technology into the production process quickly and effectively.

Within the framework of R&D activities, the dura-feature foam was ameliorated with lamination feature by utilizing the 20 DN Dura Lamina process in 2018, and the 24 DN Hypersoft Crib5 process resulted with the Hypersoft foam that successfully passed the BS5852 Crib5 test. The 30 DN Hypersoft process resulted with the addition of a new density to the group. 50 DN PE Visco Graphite process resulted in a PE Visco foam with extra function thanks to the integration of Graphite into PE Visco foam. The 60 DN Lamina project resulted in the improvement of the 60 DN Flexi foam with lamination feature. Finally, 100 DN Firm Visco process was completed to provide a foam for the footwear sector.

  • Crib5 FORM Pillow: Based on safety first, patented product that meets BS5852
    Crib5 test standards. First in the world to be awarded the EuroPUR certificate.
  • Bamboo FORM: Based on human health first, a product patented for positive effects for skin.
  • CopperGel FORM: Based human health first, a product patented for cooling effects thanks to its thermal conductivity feature.
  • Bentonite FORM: Based human health first, a product patented for absorbing and destroying unwanted odors and air pollution. A first in the world.
  • EcoGreen FORM: Based on environmental sensitivity and sustainability first, a patented product with an organic structure containing 100% biopolyol. A first in the world.