As one of the most noticeable and largest brands in the world for mattress ticking production, Boyteks’ leadership continues.

The forthcoming textile industry investment of Erciyes Anadolu Holding, one of the largest groups in Turkey, Boyteks produces mattress ticking at its Kayseri facilities. With the commencement of mattress ticking production in 2000, Boyteks completes all stages of production from yarn to fabric at its fully integrated facilities utilizing the latest ERP system.

As one of the world's largest mattress manufacturers based on size of facilities, Boyteks also ranks 372th amongst Turkey’s largest 500 industrial enterprises and stands out as one of the leading brands of industrial textiles on a global scale.

The utilization of the latest high-tech design programs help Boyteks materialize designs for real life use. Boyteks’ inquisitive and innovative approach, differentiating solutions and quick response marketing strength continue to maintain its position as an industry leader in Turkey and the world over.

Logistics advantage and a wide distribution network allow Boyteks to respond to orders with fast delivery. Boyteks’ desire to have a key voice in the global arena has meant working with an expert design team as well as collaborating closely with professional design institutions in different countries. Boyteks offers solutions that make a difference, with collections that blend hundreds of colors with original designs, naturalness, unlimited design options and a variety of styles from traditional to modern.

Continuing its research for innovative products with an expert R&D team, Boyteks continues to determine trends in the industry with selections like Vguard, Magnarest, Cooler, Graphene, Biorhythmic Llife, Amethyst, CBD, Nano Clean, Flaret, Anti-mite and Anti-dust products.