Boyser provies after-sales services for İstikbal, Bellona, Mondihome, Gümüşsuyu Carpet and Doqu Home products, and carries on by increasing service quality each passing day.

Established in 2007 in Kayseri, Boyser Repair Services Co. provides after-sales services for the products sold by Erciyes Anadolu Holding group companies. With the attainment of the ISO 10002 Customer Satisfaction Management System Certificate, Boyser has become the first company in its sector to receive this quality certificate.

Boyser Repair Services provides after-sales services to the İstikbal, Bellona, Mondihome, Gümüşsuyu and Doqu Home brands operating under Erciyes Anadolu Holding. By opening new service points where needed, Boyser acts in accordance with the principle of introducing consumers with Boyser service quality, and serves as an important partner for all brands through exemplary customer service management, training, and audit.

Within the scope of after-sales services, Boyser displays an effective presence in after sales services agent in terms of the supply of spare parts, product returns, spare parts acceptance, receiving and finalizing customer complaints, as well as being able to meet certain spare parts requests from regional stores within its own structure. Production capacity of spare parts has been on the rise each passing day in line with customer dynamics. In parallel to the developing and changing consumer expectations, the company has adopted the principle of providing the highest quality and fastest after-sales service to its customers.

The numerical data regarding call termination services reveal the importance of Boyser Repair Services’ quality for brands that have adopted the 100% consumer satisfaction principle.

In working to create happy, brand-dependent customers, while adhering to consumer laws, regulations and established principles, Boyser Repair Services will continue to be the most important partner of the brands it serves in the upcoming period as well.

While continuing to develop logistics projects to achieve the smooth delivery of brand’s products to main distributors, dealers and consumers on time, Boyser Repairs develops field-structuring projects in parallel to the organizational changes of the Holding and its brands. Adding value to the corporate identity and brand image especially at the retail level through the amelioration of the service quality is one of the most valuable issues for brands. Towards this end, it is our goal to spread the Boyser Repairs Service quality by opening new service points and establishing service and home offices in the locations needed to make Boyser service more available and widespread.

Together with Boyser and regional service directorates who completed the project for the transition to SAP4 Hana and SAP4 CRM program, our business partners, producers, distributors and retail dealers, support the continuity of their integration and SAP system transition while activities continue on a regular sustainable manner.

Continuous improvement projects have been implemented to solve problems that may occur in the production and transfer stages (Design, Workmanship, Material, Transportation, etc.) which would impede the seamless use of brand products for their purpose in the field.

It is our company’s belief that development and change should be continuous to always reflect the institution’s identity. Along these lines, we believe that while our brands have achieved top place in terms of turnover, we happily take last place when it comes to complaints, and feel justified in our belief that the system we have implemented will allow this to be the same in the future as well.