Founded in Kayseri in 2006, Boyçelik comes to the forefront as one of the leading brands in pipe-profile and steel wire-spring production, thanks to its innovative approach and capacity for making the right investments.

As one of the leading investments of Erciyes Anadolu Holding, which has laid the foundation for the largest industrial enterprises in not only Turkey but the world, Boyçelik supplies raw materials to Europe's largest mattress and furniture manufacturers and supports the industry with quality products and services.

Operating on a total area of 112 thousand m², including 62 thousand m² covered and 50 thousand m² open area, Boyçelik operates at 2 facilities; as Pipe-Profile and Steel Wire-Spring facilities.

Boyçelik provides products such as pipe, profile and sheet metal for the furniture, automotive, appliances and construction industries, while serving the furniture and textile industries with steel wire, bonel spring, S spring, SL (SmartLink) spring, pocket spring, off-set spring, special products and spring carcasses produced in the Wire-Spring facilities.

Boyçelik manufactures in European quality standards and has become a preferred supplier recognized for its quality. Boyçelik has attained all the quality standards required for the CE and TSE mark in relation to the product range as well as TSE-ISO-EN 9000 Quality Management System, TS ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, TSE-ISG-OHSAS-TS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System, TS ISO / IEC 27001 Information Security and Management System, TS ISO 50001 Energy Management System.

Since day one, Boyçelik Metal has focused on creating innovative products to serve the comfort and convenience of users within the framework of 100% customer satisfaction, using environmentally friendly technologies in its production activities. Boyçelik’s continuous efforts for improving production and operations process was always built on policies that focused on realizing our part in a sustainable future, and growth that is built on respect for humanity, the environment and universal values. With this in mind, Boyçelik has adopted the happy employee-happy customer link and takes the necessary steps to meet the mood-motivation and training needs of its employees. Boyçelik strives to keep customer and employee satisfaction at the highest level, and aims to identify with quality and reach global leadership in the industry.

Always working on redefining competition by improvements, our company stands apart from the competitors thanks to increased capacity, expert staff, after-sales support services that focus on customers’ expectations and demands. Attaching great importance to the value branding brings, Boyçelik Metal continues activities by branding its products. Smartlink, CPS-Cell Pocket System, High Count System, Fit Pocket System, DuraCoil, Flexi-Firm, Octo, PencilCoil, SleepTide, DPS-Duo Pocket System, MixCoil are the product brands currently produced and registered by Boyçelik Metal.

Since its establishment, Boyçelik Metal has taken its place in “Turkey's Top 500 Industrial Enterprises” list ranked by the Istanbul Chamber of Industry, every year. Based on 2021 data, the company ranked 267st in the ISO top 500 list.

The success underlying Boyçelik Metal’s recognition as a renowned and preferred brand in the production of furniture and mattresses is its total approach to providing quality products and services. Boyçelik brand and service quality have been confirmed by customers’ satisfaction in over 90 countries from the United States to the Far East. Boyçelik Metal has affirmed its position to remain a producing force of the industry.