Message of the Chairman of the Executive Board

Yazıcı Sayfası

Dear Employees,
Valuable Associates,

Strengthened with the new administration approach of our new board of directors, Erciyes Anadolu Holding, active in 7 different industries with 29 companies, continues to support the Turkish economy by providing employment opportunities, foreign currency inflow and innovative production.

While each industry is governed by its own unique dynamics, our goal has always been sustainable growth. We shall strategize so that our leadership claim lives on in every business field in which we are active. In acknowledgement of our group’s high level of human resources and with the support of our business partners, each an expert in their field, I have full confidence that we shall overcome the trauma that shook our nation’s integrity and economy, and even surpass the previous levels of prosperity we have become accustomed to. I’d like to reiterate once again my confidence in our group’s ability to attain the goals set for 2016 with only minor deviations.

We take pride in our group’s contribution to Turkey’s economy by providing employment to 11,500 people directly and another 35 thousand jobs indirectly.

Continuous Growth with R&D

Regardless of how labor intensive each of our activities may be, the great importance we place on research and development for differentiating each product with an individual identification and supplementing it with function will continue to be a priority. The emphasis on our shared “Each day comes with an Innovation” vision continues in each industry of activity, pushing us towards developing innovative products and ways of carrying on our business. The strength for sustaining our growth is derived from investments in R&D as well as emphasis on innovation. Advancing our competitive strengths through support for projects which foster innovation and bring about new ideas will continue to be our main approach. Our group includes some of the country’s most loved and respected brands. Along these lines, according to a study conducted by Turkey reputation workshop in 2016, Turkey’s most prestigious furniture brand was selected as the 59 year strong Istikbal brand within our group.

Heading into New Markets

Istikbal, Bellona and Mondi, Erciyes Anadolu Holding’s leading brands in the furniture industry, are known and followed closely throughout the world. Boyteks, another Erciyes Anadolu Holding member, exports Turkish Origin textiles products to the farthest corners of the world, always getting positive results. We see the upcoming year as one of opportunities enabling us to grow in the markets where we already exist and making our way into brand new markets.

I’d like to express my sincere thanks first and foremost to our employees for their relentless dedication and unwavering support for realizing our general activities as well as to our consumers, dealers, business partners and shareholders for their support in overcoming these trials.