Furniture Brands

Yazıcı Sayfası

Istikbal Mobilya, sustaining its leading position in the furniture industry with the experience of the years and 50-year history of success since the year 1957, carries on providing added value to the industry and creating new expansions by being one of the reputable brands of Turkey with its product range, design differences, quality perception and after sales services.

Istikbal Mobilya, reflecting requirements and expectations of industry to its products and services at any point with its consumer-oriented approach in the best manner, is improving all the production and services processes by foreseeing the new trends and inclinations. Istikbal, combining its innovative line, modern production and marketing perception with its experience in the industry, also aims at raising its standards continuously in the furniture industry.

Istikbal, combining its products designed without making concession of comfort and quality with elegance for those who want to create difference at homes, reflects its many special models in the broad product ranges. Istikbal, presenting many special collecting varying among sitting groups, bedroom, dining room, panel furniture, child and teenage rooms, home textile, kitchen bathroom, lightening, carpet, garden furniture and accessories, introduces thousands of products with different tastes and places.
Istikbal, creating difference with its applications facilitating life of the consumers, carries on accelerating the industry with its new “Home Concept” stores over thousands of square meter areas, presenting any and all requirements for home decoration under the same roof and meets with the customer within framework of home concept perception. Istikbal, determining direction of home decoration, provide conveniences for the consumers by creating privilege with its attractive campaigns, discounts and campaigns in different product groups.  

Istikbal leads towards being a world brand rapidly while spreading across Turkey with its almost one thousand stores and products. Istikbal, presenting products to countries over 70 with Istikbal brand, carries Turkish quality to abroad with its 110 stores and 5000 outlets in many countries such as Greece, Bulgaria, Russia, Egypt, Germany, Kazakhstan, Romania, UK, France. Istikbal, selling products to many stores in USA through logistics center in New Jersey, is raising the level in product design and quality by following the renovations and technologic developments. Istikbal, pursuing a rapid and steady process for being a world brand, plans to be on the market with its 300 stores in the year 2010.


Istikbal whose foundations were laid with door-window manufacture in a small carpenter shop 1957 started to produce furniture ranges such as door-window, cupboard, bedrooms, table-chair till the 80s. A big factory was preferred after the shops were gathered under one room. Istikbal, assessing the supply and demand balances in the market well and continuously attracting the consumers, has made new contributions to its investments and product portfolio with a broad vision by not being limited to a single product such as  sofa. A step which shall make Istikbal a global brand was taken by establishing an integrated facility at the end of 90s. Istikbal, succeeded in being the leading furniture brand of Turkey with its 50-year experience, continues to grow successfully and steadily in the Turkish and world furniture market.

Istikbal Mobilya, producing in the world quality standards, prioritizing product quality, distribution network, sales and after sales service perception, customer needs and happiness, continues to introduce consumers with 1000s of products, new collections in its approximately 1000 stores around Turkey…

Mission and Vision

Our mission is developing and producing humanistic and environmentally friendly products in the world standards in compliance with our improvement activities, different life styles and using habits of our consumers.

Our vision is raising the level continuously in product quality by pursuing the renovations and technologic developments, leading forward firmly for being a world brand and maintaining our leading company structure in the market. On the other hand, causing Turkey to obtain foreign currency income with our export based activities and supporting the country economy by creating broad employment advantages in our investments and labor purchase. 

Quality Policy

In the national and international competition environment, not only affordability of the product but also its being well quality, reliable and duly delivery play an important role in fulfillment of customer requests.

Therefore our company has adopted the basic policy of meeting customer requirements in an economic, well qualified, secure and timely manner with the slogan of "PROFITABILITY AND CUSTOMER SATISFACTION".

Environment Policy

Our company, operating in the furniture industry, has acted as an innovative institution, sensitive to the environment in the national and international competition environment and globalizing world. Therefore, our basic environment policy comprises using the natural resource consumption rationally, following the elements polluting the environment and our environmental wastes continuously, working with continuous improvement philosophy as per the legal laws and regulations, documenting all our activities and sharing the same with our society.

Labour Health and Safety (İSG) Policy

Merkez Çelik A.Ş. ISG Policy comprises the following principles on the basis of the philosophy of “all our personnel deserves working in a healthy and safe environment.

  • We declare and undertake that we shall minimize the risks by performing risk analysis activities in the whole enterprise for creating a healthier and safer business environment,
  • Carrying out continuous improvement and development activities related to ISG applications,
  • Giving trainings for ensuring that all the employees are aware of their individual responsibilities,
  • Acting as per the Labour Health and Safety Regulations and related laws,
  • Guiding our suppliers and subcontractors on the basis of the above mentioned principles within boundaries of our enterprise.