Erciyes Anadolu FOREIGN TRADE CO.

Yazıcı Sayfası
Title: Erciyes Anadolu Foreign Trade CO.
Established: 2002/Kayseri
Capital: 67,500,000 TL
Total size: 89,645 m2 
Boytaş Warehouse: 49,645 m2 with 27,018 m2 covered area
Yuvam Warehouse: 40,000 m2 with 16,000 m2 covered area
Number of employees: 129
Number of branches or affiliates: 1 (İstanbul)
Description of activity: As the exporting channel of the Istikbal and Bellona brands, Erciyes Anadolu Foreign Trade has joined international markets through 5,000 sales points in more than 80 countries including Germany, France, Belgium, Denmark, USA, Australia, Middle East, North Africa, Russia and Turkic nations.
Alongside sales and marketing activities always presented with utmost attention to quality service, the company has been able to increase 2015 revenues to 114 Million USD through improvements in packaging, loading, unloading and similar logistics operations.