Yazıcı Sayfası
Title: Boyçelik Metal Industry and Trade CO.
Established: 2006/Kayseri
Capital: 35,000,000 USD
Total size: 110,300 m2 with 64,000 m2 covered area
Number of employees:515
Description of activity:
Caters to the automotive, white goods and construction sectors with the pipe, profile, and sheet metal products manufactured in the pipe-profile facilities and the furniture and textile sectors with the steel wire, pocket spring, bonnel spring, LFK (Cossiflex) spring, SL (super elastic), off-set spring and spring carcasses and S springs manufactured in the wire-spring facilities.

Boyçelik exports to 65 countries including Europe, USA, Turkic Nations, Middle East and North Africa. It has increased its pipe-profile production capacity to 125,000 tons in 2012, and its steel wire production capacity to 72,000 tons.

The company conforms to the quality standards of Europe, and it has all the quality standards relevant to its field of operation including but not limited to TSE-ISO-EN 9000 Quality Management System, TSE-ISG-OHSAS-TS 18000 Worker's Health and Workplace Security Management System and all TSE quality standards required by its range of products.

One of the most significant investments of the company is the ERP system, which helps trace all operations related to the production from raw material inputs to the final product. SAP was selected as the ERP system in early 2009, entering use in October 2009 and successfully operative today. Moreover, sales teams make use of CRM programs to effectively increase sales and develop better relations with customers.

Boyçelik was ranked 338th in 2015 by ISO..