Yazıcı Sayfası
Title: Merkez Çelik Industry and Trade CO.
Established: 1992/Kayseri
Capital: 108.000.000 TL
Total size: 247.503 m2 with 155.200 m2 covered area
Number of employees: 2.405
Number of branches or affiliates: 3 (Kayseri, Sakarya, Diyarbakır)
Description of activity: : 

The products of Merkez Çelik are sofa, sitting group and the base. However, Merkez Çelik manufactures semi-finished industrial for Erciyes Anadolu Holding group companies are in need

Self-confident, innovative and always aiming the best young staff are directed to areas of present and future life.

Institutional infrastructure, modern manufacturing facilities and innovative company operating in the face of Projects Lean, Six Sigma, and the suggestion system, such as the development of studies have developed innovative approaches to production were extended to all employees.

With strong equity structure of the company, it continues to provide added value to the national economy through investment of resources. In this context, the Diyarbakır factory and started manufacturing activities Welding Automation investments completed in the year 2013.

Sakarya Merkez Çelik branch located within the area of 23,200 m2, with 297 employees, more quickly in order to meet the needs of Marmara and the Aegean Region Istikbal and Bellona branded product Bed, Base, and the Sitting Group are produced.

Inovasyonel and technological investments by providing consumers with up to date designs with the highest level of quality standards, our company in the sector by acting with the responsibility of being a company in which R & D efforts in this respect the importance of supporting investments.

Our company follows the changing understanding of life and comfort from day to day, is a rich diversity of the collection by adding new designs.

It was ranked 177th in the biggest 500 companies of Turkey questionnaire based on the sales of 2015.